Louis Sullivan: Kindergarten Chats: The Art of Expression: Two

[Note: The text is from Kindergarten Chats, condensed and edited]

An art of expression must flow from an inner reservoir. It must be the gathered and stored force seeking outlet. It is not as a garment — a something to be worn or not worn — it is inseparable from life, a symbol of life.

An art of expression should be the earliest upbuilding element to enter into the curriculum of a thorough education. It should grow as the body grows and mature as the will evolves. It should evidence human capacity and human possibility. It should open the mind, open the heart, to direct impressions at the very beginning. These are to the human what sunlight, soil and rain are to vegetation.

Then, let utterance of these impressions begin so soon as it is evident that they are impressions. After which, new impressions, then new utterance — ever continuous, ever reciprocal, ever broadening, surely organizing, unfolding, ever growing in power, more coherent, more plastic, more fluent; ever growing in receptivity, ever growing in aspiration; ever growing in mobility, ever growing in serenity; ever growing more complex – paralleling the complexity of life; ever growing more simple — paralleling the simplicity of life; ever gaining in strength, ever gaining in delicacy; ever in ferment, ever clarifying those elemental powers which are so subtle yet the more potent of all — the power of receiving, the power of uttering!

Then, in clarity, one may see not merely over the surface of things, but into the being of things, and of man. Then may one express life, because he has lived. then will one’s works be poems, for they will spring from life, its needs, and its desires.

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2 Responses to Louis Sullivan: Kindergarten Chats: The Art of Expression: Two

  1. Georgianna says:

    Thanks for creating Louis Sullivan: Kindergarten Chats:
    The Art of Expression: Two | Shrikant Rangnekar, really love

  2. Jose says:

    I live in Pleasant Grove and I would LOVE to carpool with aoynne. I only have one child (a first-grade girl) at Renaissance. I can take up to three more children. Please contact me if you are even vaguely interested!!

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