Atlas Shrugged Movie Report: April 20, 2011

1. Great News! “Business has been brisk enough for producers Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro to expand from 299 theaters to 425 this weekend and to 1,000 by the end of the month, they told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. The two said they fielded 500 inquiries from theater bookers Monday but didn’t have enough film prints to fill orders. ‘Things have turned for us,’ Kaslow said. “When we started, exhibitors were not embracing the film like we thought they would. Now, we can pretty much go into as many theaters as we want. It’s just a matter of logistics.’ ”
How ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Shocked Hollywood’s Marketing Machine – The Hollywood Reporter

2. See reactions of hundreds of Objectivists to the Atlas Shrugged Movie in Atlas Shrugged Movie & Ayn Rand Polls (Over 650+ answers and counting…)

3. After rocketing all the way up to #4 on Amazon’s Bestseller list over the weekend, Atlas Shrugged remains in Top 20.

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