Atlas Shrugged Movie: Help it go Viral

The movie producers have done a brilliant job of publicizing the movie. It is opening in 300+ theaters!

I am astonished by the sheer number of mainstream press reviews of the the movie, it appears that Atlas Shrugged has reached enough penetration in the culture that even those inimical to it are feeling compelled to talk about it. While there are many reviewers clearly against Ayn Rand’s ideas, there are also a surprisingly large number of positive reviews out there See for yourself here for the latest press reviews

April 15 Tea Party events offer now probably the greatest opportunity to help the movie go “viral”. I recommend carrying “Who is John Galt?” flyers to Tea Party events on April 15. They provide both, publicity for the movie, and an opportunity to talk about Atlas Shrugged.

April 15 is finally here and I can’t wait to find out what people at large and Atlas Shrugged fans and Objectivists in particular think about the movie!

Update: Atlas Shrugged has moved from #94 to #41 on Amazon’s bestseller list in the last 3 days!

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