Atlas Shrugged Movie to Novel Transition Manual

[I was planning to write a more detailed answer to this question–but many people around this world wide web are doing that already, and those efforts should expand after the release of the movie.]

A) For those who know and love Atlas Shrugged, and are talking to those who have enjoyed the Atlas Shrugged movie:

1. Strategy: You need to draw attention to the intellectual/psychological/spiritual/philosophical depth of Ayn Rand using the movie as a springboard.

2. What questions can you ask to get them interested in reading Atlas Shrugged?

– What makes the heroes like Rearden, Dagny and Wyatt different from James Taggart, Orren Boyle and Wesley Mouch?
– What motivates Rearden & Dagny?
– How is Rearden’s & Dagny’s manner of thinking different from that of the looters?

3. What comments can you make to intrigue them about the content of the book?

– The movie could not really show in depth what makes Rearden or Dagny tick–the novel shows that in detail.
– The relationship between Dagny & Rearden is far more complex and fascinating than is portrayed in the movie.
– One of my favorite part of the novel was the character of Francisco–who was not portrayed well in the movie. Here is what Francisco is really like…

4. While the movie release phase and associated publicity will bring Atlas to the attention of many, it is the DVD/ Netflix phase that has the maximum potential. You can now let someone borrow a DVD or watch the movie with them on Netflix to start a conversation on Ayn Rand’s ideas. For anyone wanting to see what the hubbub is all about, the price has dropped from 100 hours to 2 hours.

5. For many people, reading The Fountainhead may be the right step after the movie, especially for those who do not focus much on economics or politics.

6. Use the plot of the movie to create suspense: What do you think Dagny is going to do next?

Do you really want to wait for two to four years to find out what happens next?

[This section will be expanded soon.]

B) For those who enjoyed the movie, but are not familiar with the novel:

[Coming soon.]

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One Response to Atlas Shrugged Movie to Novel Transition Manual

  1. This is a great resource. Thanks for creating it. I’ll put it to work today.

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