Louis Sullivan’s Kindergarten Chats: Foreword

1. This book is about art of expression – about how to grasp the world deeply in a first-hand way, and how to create works based on those insights.

2. The central purpose of this work is to liberate the mind from serfdom to traditions, by demonstrating man’s natural powers in their cognitive and creative capabilities as they interact openly and freely with nature. The book places the historic feudal/platonic/static mind in sharp contrast with the advancing scientific/transformative/dynamic mind.

3. The plot of the book: A recent graduate of an architectural school comes to Louis Sullivan to learn about architecture and the book depicts unfolding in the pupil of the natural powers of inquiry and creation which had been submerged, ignored and stunted during his academic training.

4. The book is free of all technicalities, is couched in easy dialogue form and its doctrine should be intelligible to all: for it is based on realities of every-day life. The ideas underlying the work are simple and elementary; hence the title “Kindergarten Chats”

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