TED Talk Recommendations

I rummaged through hundreds of videos at TED.org, and here are the best ones I found.

1. Craig Venter is transforming biology through computing
2. The beauty of data visualization
3. Witness exponential progress of technology after technology
4. Can we eat to starve cancer?
5. We are all makers
6. Wearable computers
7. Reengineering a brain
8. Amazing Statstics you have ever seen
9. The man behind TED Talks
10. On moving from a reductionist approach to understanding cancer to a systems approach to detecting and controlling it.
11. The birth of Wikipedia
12. Using fMRI to see what your brain is doing
13. Steve Jobs: How to live before you die
14. Discovering the face of Leonardo da Vinci
15. Jeff Bezos: We are what we choose
16. James Watson on how he discovered the structure of DNA
17. Self-regulation in plants
18. The story of how Howard Moskovitz brought us Pepsis, coffees and spaghetti sauces that we like
19. Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex
20. Every pollen grain has a story
21. Clay Shirky: Institutions vs. collaboration
22. How bacteria communicate
23. How ideas trump crises

You have any favorite TED Talks? Please use comments to recommend them.

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2 Responses to TED Talk Recommendations

  1. Chun says:

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  2. Gene Barth says:

    Malcolm Gladwell (“The Story of How Howard Moskovitz brought us Pepsis”) is one of the better story tellers of real human performance.

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